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The Animal Project

  • 16Weeks
  • 269Steps


The purpose of this program is to guide you to gaining size, strength, and the physique you’ve always dreamed of while making sure you stay athletic or gain athleticism to be able to live the active lifestyle we all want. First we will focus on building a strong base,for the first two phases, that is able to withstand the intense program for building our physique. Then, in phase three, starts the main physique program where the muscle building really begins! By following this program we will see our dedication rise, hone our attention to detail, and create habits of pushing ourselves hard. We hope to find new limits of our mind and body which will boil over into everyday life. Just as in fitness, nothing worthwhile in life comes without effort. It takes grit, determination and work everyday to achieve the things we want in relationships, in our careers, and in ourselves. We believe a solid training regimine is essential to have the mental fortitude to conquer life and be all that we are meant to be.

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Online Programming, $30.00/month

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The Animal Project

The Animal Project

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