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Amy Christenson

Health & Mindset Coach

I am a Health & Mindset Coach, Personal Trainer, Licensed Sports & Rehab Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant & Mom to 2 amazing people & 1 wild Aussie.  I have worked in the health & fitness industry for over 25 years, helping people break through fear, pain & setbacks to reach their health goals.

It’s my passion to encourage, empower & educate people at any stage, so they can enjoy all aspects of life -fun, food, connection, movement, nourishment & abundance.  My coaching focuses on 6 areas that teach you how to curate your mind while creating the life you truly desire. I kindly push you to get real with yourself & love who you are & are becoming. We work together to gather & sift through the layers; choose & sort the most productive possibilities; engage & embody authentic change. If you're ready to expand your potential then it's time to stop swirling & start thriving with Your Curated Mind Coach!

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