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Nicholas Christenson

Founder, CEO

I started this company to make health and wellness easier for every person. My purpose in this life is to create a community of people who want to dominate life, to take control of their future and not let life take hold of them. This is only possible through having a strong body, sound mind, and an unshakable spirit. To achieve our goal we have assembled a group of coaches dedicated to your performance in life. High level personal trainers create state of the art programs that will push you to find new limits your body and mind can handle, the best dietitians teaching you how to feed your body correctly dependent on every person's unique goals, mindset and health coaches to help curate your mind throughout the process, organizing goals thoughts and hardships you encounter in this transformative journey. I would love to help you become the best you there can be and help you dominate your life.

I love training all kinds of people; guys trying to pack on muscle and add strength, women looking to love their body and see all that they can do when they feel healthy and strong, young athletes looking to take that next step in their sport with hope of playing at the next level, and the outdoor adventurer wanting to crush it on the slopes or exploring the mountains. Whatever your goals may be in life and the gym I want to support and teach you how to achieve them.

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